On the Airwaves: Culturally Relevant Children’s Literature Listen Now

APEX Express

Beautiful Eyes by Gayle Romasanta

We’re calling all book lovers and families to join us in exploring the history of multicultural children’s literature, with an eye toward Asian and Pacific Islander stories! In studio we have an exciting group of guests to talk about the power of culturally relevant narratives and positive portrayals of communities of color. Tonight’s program includes:

  • Special readings by authors of two award-winning children’s books: Tony Robles, author of Lakas and the Manilatown Fish, and Gayle Romasanta, author of Beautiful Eyes
  • An interview with Kassie Pham and Kristine Aquino, staff at Eastwind Books in Berkeley, one of the oldest independent bookstores in the nation focused on Asian and Asian American literature. We explore the question: with the transformation of the publishing industry as a whole, are multicultural publishers on the decline?
  • And we invite you, our listeners, to call in with your recommendations for the best Asian and Pacific Islander children’s literature. Is there a book that you have read to your children or a book that stands out to you in your own life that was read to you at an early age?

Here are links to more information:

And the other books mentioned on the show – either by staff at Eastwind Books or by our callers:

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