Community Push for City College Stabilization Funds Finds Success

Community action made a difference!

Stabilization funds called for by Senate Bill 965 authored by Mark Leno to help keep City College of San Francisco open are now included in the state budget bills being developed by the California legislature.

These funds will need support from Governor Jerry Brown and are warranted because the actions of the Accreditation Commission have caused student enrollment, and the associated State resources, to drop by roughly 25 percent over the last two years.

Stabilizing (not increasing) funding levels for City College for up to three years so it can rebuild student enrollment is a reasonable and necessary approach, and the Governor should support it.

Click here to let Governor Brown know that City College of San Francisco, the largest community college in California, is important to you and deserves to stay open!

In addition to stabilization funds, City College needs the Accreditation Commission to stop its political posturing and to work with the college community in good faith.

Congressional representatives, leaders of California Community Colleges, and local elected officials including Mayor Lee and Board of Supervisors, are among the growing list of those calling for the Accreditation Commission to acknowledge the progress made by City College and to work with the community so the educational futures of 80,000 students are not ruined.

When the Accreditation Commission meets in Sacramento on June 6, City College supporters will come together to demand that City College get a fair chance to stay open.

We continue to be grateful for the lawsuit led by City Attorney Dennis Herrera. It has already given City College more time to fight for its survival. The trial date is set for this Fall.

We thank everyone for their support and for keeping up with all the latest developments.