A Warm Welcome to AACRE.

The mission of Asian Americans for Civil Rights and Equality is to connect communities, ideas, and action to inspire collective movement for positive change.

Though the world is changing we must not confuse change with progress. Asian Americans, like all others, must fulfill our responsibility to create a world that works for everyone. Asian Americans for Civil Rights and Equality is committed to making change good.

AACRE is ultimately a network – comprised of groups inspired by shared values to pursue diverse passions. As a network, we look for ways to cooperate, to share resources, to learn from one another, and to address the intersection of our issues.

With this website we hope to amplify different perspectives and invite you into our work.  As we do so, we are encouraged by the words of the longtime activist and visionary Grace Lee Boggs who recently wrote:

“These are the times that try our souls.  Each of us needs to undergo a tremendous philosophical and spiritual transformation.  Each of us needs to be awakened to a personal and compassionate recognition of the inseparable interconnection between our minds, hearts, and bodies; between our physical and psychical well-being; and between ourselves and all the other selves in our country and the world. Each of us has to stop being a passive observer of the suffering that we know is going on in the world and start identifying with the sufferers.”

We couldn’t agree more and we’re glad you stopped by. Stay awhile and make yourself at home.