National Day of Action Against Deportations

ASATA and Gamaliel Foundation meet with Jose Hernandez, Congressional Aide of Representative Barbara Lee, on National Day of Action Against Deportations.

April 5th was National Day of Action Against Deportations. ASATA stood with the millions of individuals and organizations around the country who called for comprehensive, meaningful, and humane immigration reform, including an immediate halt to deportations.

ASATA members joined Gamaliel Foundation members in an all-woman delegation to Congresswoman Barbara Lee’s office, in sisterhood with We Belong Together: Women for Commonsense Immigration Reform. We met with Congressional Aide Jose Hernandez (pictured above), to demand that Rep. Lee push this issue in the House of Representatives. Mr. Hernandez, on behalf of Rep. Lee, accepted a dinner plate that read “11 million need a plate at the table.”, and pledged the Congresswoman’s support.


Besides highlighting the role of women in immigration reform, ASATA has also previously brought to light the overlooked role of South Asians. See ASATA’s town hall meeting on the subject.



ASATA, the Alliance of South Asians Taking Action, is a San Francisco Bay Area all-volunteer group working to educate, organize, and empower the Bay Area South Asian communities to end violence, oppression, racism and exploitation within and against our diverse communities.