Culture & Narrative Change

Narrative Change

We embrace narrative strategies that disrupt harmful stereotypes and build support for an inclusive vision of justice.

AACRE groups work to counter messages that drive anti-Asian hate while proactively building an intergenerational and cross-cultural movement for healing, justice and inclusion. Narrative projects not only debunk stereotypes, but also support aspirational messages about our shared agency, activism, civic engagement and history with other communities of color. We aim not only to “shift” the narrative, but to build narrative power as a coalition-building strategy for meaningful cultural, social and policy change.

Our Work

Language Justice

Our community is abundant in languages, identities, and experiences. Our stories are complex.

AACRE group leaders emerge directly from the communities they serve and speak their languages, both literally and in terms of cultural and lived experiences. We deeply understand the roadblocks faced by anyone who primarily speaks a language other than English in the U.S., and we use our own skills as multilingual organizers to advocate for solutions and provide support. We also have unique insight into intentional efforts to instigate fear and further isolate community members across Asian language media channels for cynical political purposes, and we work to combat these disinformation campaigns.

Our Work

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