Grassroots Power

Leadership Development

Within the AACRE network, grassroot social justice groups sustain the prosperity of our movements by investing in our communities and nurturing the next generation of Asian American leaders.

The AACRE network is dedicated to cultivating the next generation of Asian American leaders, empowering them to challenge and transform the systems that shape their lives. In our investment, we see the preservation of cultural identities, the strengthening of community unity, and the resilience necessary for lasting impact. Leadership that rises organically from within our communities mirrors our unique experiences and needs, forging change that is both sustainable and impactful. As we cultivate these future leaders, we weave a formidable network of community advocates, organizers, and allies that amplify our collective impact and the vitality of our movements.

Our Work

Political Education

We empower our communities with tools to make informed, intentional choices about their futures.

Political education work within the AACRE network is a dynamic force, empowering communities to grasp their histories of resilience, analyze current conditions, and envision transformative futures. Beyond acquiring knowledge, it builds a robust network of leaders empowered to challenge oppressive systems and create lasting change. By delving into political analysis and radical movement-building theories, our programming unites diverse groups and communities, broadening perspectives and refining strategies. This collaborative space fosters inter-network dialogue, pushing forward impactful initiatives aligned with our collective vision through workshops, teach-ins, book clubs, and more, fostering strategic thinking and in-depth dialogue. While AACRE groups conduct internal programming, the network amplifies these efforts, enabling holistic dialogues that grow our movements and deepen our collective understanding.  

Our Work

Direct Services

We commit to using our individual and community power to achieve a liberated future where we are all able to thrive.

Direct service work in the AACRE network is essential in providing immediate, tangible support to low-income, limited-English proficient immigrants and refugees. It tackles urgent needs like legal assistance, workforce development, and education, thereby improving the quality of life for those affected. These direct services do more than offer relief; they illuminate systemic issues and policy gaps, fueling our broader advocacy efforts. Led by immigrants, refugees, and their children, this work ensures that the voices and experiences of the community shape long-term solutions. Our direct services work is also grounded in neighborhood spaces, fortifying our struggle for justice with the lived realities of those we serve, creating a foundation for enduring change and deeply established trust.

Our Work

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