Shared Liberation

Capacity Building

We believe that working together with shared values is a way toward liberation.

AACRE supports long-term capacity, infrastructure, and leadership building for Asian American groups committed to social justice. AACRE offers an innovative model that includes fiscal sponsorship as well as meaningful coaching and support, resource sharing, and collaboration in programming, leadership, advocacy and media. We support one another’s successes, amplify one another’s voices, and identify best practices for intersectional work. We do not dictate one another’s service models or attempt to produce a “one size fits all” approach to meeting the needs of our distinct communities.

Our Work

Transformative Justice work

Collective healing allows us to transform our societies.

AACRE network members work to address harm, trauma and violence in our communities through a lens of transformative justice, acknowledging that the roots of these issues lie in oppression. We support one another in identifying and amplifying non-carceral responses that are grounded in healing, accountability and safety for all involved. We work to transform our communities by disrupting cycles of harm rather than perpetuating them.

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