Mission + Vision

Our Mission

Comprising 11 Asian American social justice groups, the Asian Americans for Civil Rights and Equality (AACRE) network focuses on long-term movement building, capacity infrastructure, and leadership support for Asian Americans and Pacific Islanders committed to social justice.

Amidst a pandemic and surge in anti-Asian hate, AACRE grassroots groups are supporting and leading marginalized populations including immigrants, refugees, formerly incarcerated individuals, and LGBTQ+ people.

Together, we are advancing an inclusive vision of justice for all communities.

Our Vision

AACRE envisions an expansive and inclusive community grounded in justice.

This vision is both ethical and practical; we want leaders to have what they truly need to work effectively, which means addressing not only programmatic and political aims, but the health and wellness of each individual. We share a belief that we can and must achieve racial equity in solidarity with all BIPOC people by combatting all forms of oppression and bigotry including racism, white supremacy, patriarchy, cisnormativity, and heteronormativity. At the same time, we center and prioritize healing, focusing first on those directly harmed by systems of oppression

Our Values


We believe all individuals have imperfections and deserve patience and empathy. We believe in nurturing an instinct for understanding over judgment, and trust in the voices of those most marginalized.

Embracing Risk

We believe that changing the status quo requires embracing risk. We accept risk as an opportunity rather than an obstruction. We know risk is not the same as recklessness.

Principled Leadership

We believe leaders must be transparent in their decision-making and use of power and lead their constituencies in pursuit of what they believe to be the common good, even when that is hard or controversial. Leaders should do what they say they are going to do.


We believe the healing power of self-expression and creativity can provide us with a sense of wellness and lead to new and innovative solutions.

Reciprocal Learning

We believe in the shared ownership of knowledge and experience. We seek to foster the willingness and responsibility to both learn and to teach. We believe that the sustainability of our movements rests on ensuring we have mentorship, both within and across organizations.


We believe in an expansive vision of social justice that embodies the commonality of the human experience and the inherent worth of every human being.

Community Engagement

We believe all of us share responsibility for one another. We seek to unearth the truth and wisdom that resides in the community and see community engagement as both a means and an end.


We believe that collective action and working together with shared values is a way toward liberation.


We believe in solidarity with peoples worldwide struggling for self-determination and community power. We believe oppression is experienced along multiple axes and aim to build solidarity with groups with whom our struggles against oppression intersect.


We believe that many current systems are remnants of colonialism and slavery, and were designed to destabilize our communities. We commit to using our individual and community power to achieve a liberated future where we are all able to thrive.

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