Policy & Advocacy Campaigns

Policy Advocacy

We are divesting from what no longer serves us, and creating our own alternatives.

AACRE members aim to dismantle systems of racism, white supremacy, patriarchy, cisnormativity, and heteronormativity, and to replace these with policies that promote healing, restitution, freedom and genuine safety for all historically marginalized and oppressed people. While each member group organizes around its own specific policy and advocacy goals, participation in the AACRE network allows us to share and lift up one another’s campaigns for justice.

Our Work

Civic Engagement

We commit to using our community power to achieve a liberated future.

AACRE nurtures Asian American power in the context of a progressive coalition that crosses lines of race, ethnicity, language, class, religion, gender and sexual identity. Civic engagement work prioritizes restoring, protecting and educating about civil rights and civil liberties, particularly with respect to those who have been historically oppressed. AACRE group leaders are of and from the communities they serve, with the language skills and shared experiences to build meaningful relationships and provide culturally responsive guidance around navigating unfamiliar civic and political systems.

Our Work

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