Healing & Transformation

Healing Justice & Community Safety

We keep us safe.

The act of dismantling violent systems of oppression and generational trauma cannot be done without the holistic work of healing ourselves and our communities, and is therefore intrinsic to our work as organizers and activists working towards liberation. Healing interrupts and transforms systemic and intergenerational cycles of violence and trauma within our communities, and increases our capacity to show up and engage in complex dialogue and respond to racialized harm and violence. This in turn frees us to build collective models of care and safety, providing us agency to build community power and sustain our movements.

Our Work


We are all deserving of care and compassion.

Activists and organizers are up against oppressive systems that traumatize us alongside the people we serve. We must care for our own mental and emotional health to remain engaged and effective. AACRE provides opportunities to connect with colleagues and share joyous activities that help keep our lives in balance. With the autumn harvest and lunar new year being important in most Asian cultures, we gather twice annually to share both our cultures’ traditional music, dance, food and rituals and our individual passions, from electronic music to drag performance. Our celebrations are not just moments of festivity; they are essential acts of resistance and renewal that sustain and invigorate our long-term movement building work.

Our Work

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