San Francisco Voter Recommendations for November 3


Below are Chinese for Affirmative Action’s recommendations for key measures on the San Francisco November 3 ballot.

These positions reflect our social justice values and our commitment to the City’s most vulnerable, including those who are low-income, immigrants, and members of underserved communities.

YES on A: Fund much needed affordable housing in San Francisco

Measure A is $310 million housing bond that can help address the City’s housing crisis. Low-income families are now twice as likely to be displaced out of San Francisco, and the average rent for a one-bedroom apartment is the highest in the nation. Measure A is a wise investment to build new housing, rehabilitate existing housing, and support first-time homebuyers.

YES on B: Support paid parental leave for City employees

All workers should have access to paid parental leave. The United States still lags far behind other industrialized countries when it comes to supporting new parents. Measure B improves and standardizes the paid parental leave policy for City employees and should be a model for private sector workers, too.

YES on F: A smart measure to close loopholes and enforce regulations of short-term rentals

The current policy regulating short-term rentals must be strengthened to help address the City’s housing crisis. Measure F would allow for short-term housing rentals to continue, but create mechanisms to improve enforcement and accountability, protect limited housing stock, and stop widespread abuse of the current policy.

YES on I: Pause luxury development and require planning to protect the Mission

The San Francisco Mission district deserves more community input before the few remaining lots left for development are all turned into luxury condominiums. Measure I provides a temporary pause while a solid stabilization and affordability plan for the Mission is formulated.

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Thanks for your support and please remember to vote.